Kannada Satyaveda College

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Kannada Satyaveda College is a Bible college affiliated to the Free Fellowship of Pentecostal Churches in Karnataka. It is situated in the city of Davangere in the central part of the south Indian state of Karnataka. The college can be described as Bible centered, ministry oriented and Pentecostal/Charismatic.


Kannada Satyaveda College offers three years of college level studies:

  • Diploma in Bible and Ministry” (the first year),
  • Diploma in Biblical Studies” (the first two years) and
  • Bachelor of Ministry” (all three years).


The medium of instruction is Kannada. The programs are primarily meant for evangelists, church planters, pastors and other full-time church workers. The one-year ”Diploma in Bible and Ministry” is also suitable for lay persons eager to improve their Bible knowledge and ministry skills.